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BlueZebra MSS

About BlueZebra MSS

A Bluezebra service
At BlueZebra, we are passionate about cloud technology. With over a decade of experience in the IT security field, we understand the ever-evolving and increasingly sophisticated nature of cyber threats.
We offer managed security as a service to help businesses with limited budgets and access to IT security professionals. Our cloud-based solutions are managed by specialists and provide comprehensive protection without requiring heavy investments in multiple security solutions. We offer real-time threat alerts, up-to-date security technologies, and detailed reporting to keep you informed about your security’s performance. Trust us to keep your network secure.
Cyber Security Protection as a Service
  • No need to set a budget in advance.
  • Payment through a monthly fee.
  • No obligation to renew the service agreement every year.
  • Elimination of the need to purchase new security devices when the current one expires.
  • Reduced burden on IT support and security personnel.
  • Access to comprehensive service summaries, reports, and advice in the security field throughout the contract period.


SecuLetter Email APT Protection as a Service

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SecuLetter Email APT Protection as a Service is a cloud service that is capable of immediately contacting and protecting email traffic by routing it through the cloud before screening. It only sends general emails to users, while any insecure emails are blocked and alerts are sent to the user's inbox with a description. With the document-based Malware detection feature, our system filters out any malicious content. The attached documents in emails undergo a thorough analysis, ensuring high accuracy and minimal errors. Notably, our analysis process is faster, providing results up to 5 times quicker than Sandboxes.

AIONCloud WAF as a Service

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AIONCloud WAF as a Service is a web application firewall provided as a service. It filters traffic when accessing websites or web applications, safeguarding them against attacks such as SQL injection, DDoS attacks, and the use of bots for hacking.

The important features of AIONCloud WAF include:

  • Application protection for both websites and applications.
  • API security protection, ensuring secure connections between applications and organizational servers.
  • BOT mitigation: detection and elimination of dangerous BOT operations targeting users.
  • Zero-day exploit protection: immediate safeguarding against attacks exploiting vulnerabilities through the use of machine learning.
  • Content caching: detection of frequently updated website or page content, reducing bandwidth usage and traffic through web caching.
  • Customization options: ability to customize priorities and response strategies accordingly.