Anti-Virus Gateway: BeSecure

Wedge Networks provides high performance network-based web security solutions to organizations worldwide.

Wedge Networks provides high performance network-based web security solutions to organizations worldwide.


BeSecure Anti Virus Module with 4,000,000+ Kaspersky Singnatures

The BeSecure Anti Virus Module provides specialized protection against malware attacks. Built for performance and reliability it fulfills the demands of the most complex and demanding organizations in stopping malicious code before it can even enter the network


BeSecure Anti Spam Module

The BeSecure AntiSpam Module delivers unparalleled performance, accuracy, and reliability to protect organizations of all sizes


BeSecure Web Filter Module

The BeSecure Web Filter Module enables organizations to understand, filter, monitor, and report on internet usage


Gigabit Performance

The outstanding network data processing ability of the WedgeOS is accomplished by the patented SubSonic Engine. Designed from the ground-up to deliver low latency, high concurrency, and Gigabit Throughput for deep content inspection of all the commonly used application layer network protocols and data compression formats, the SubSonic Engine separates BeSecure from its competitions to be the most accurate and highest performance web security solution.


Content Recognition

The scanning of a file for a malicious signature takes time and introduces latency to the end users' web experience. SubSonic Content Recognition reduces latency and ensures computing resources are available at peak scanning times by inspecting data to see if a copy of the payload has been inspected before. If yes, the previous inspection result is simply retrieved rather than applying the typically expensive content inspection algorithms


Green Stream Technology

In today’s heterogeneous networks, to keep application sessions robust is a major challenge. Green Stream technology was developed to solve the “First Packet” problem with the scanning of large files. Scanning a large file can introduce latency and increase the probability that the application may time-out. Green Stream is designed to release data packets while scanning large files, reducing the threat of an application time-out and improving the end user experience.


Dedicated Malicious Code Detection for UTMs

Today, Web and Email traffic is becoming overwhelmed with viruses, Trojans, worms and other malicious content. Organizations without dedicated malware appliances are still seeing attacks enter and compromise their networks. Specifically organizations that have deployed Unified Threat Management appliances and Next-Generation Firewalls are seeing an increase in illegitimate and dangerous traffic that is passing through these devices. While these devices can make strong firewalls and provide other services they are not equipped to deal with the overwhelming number of modern malware threats.