APT Protection: AhnLab MDS

AhnLab MDS (Malware Defense System) is the only corporate security solution that combines local and cloud-based analytics to stop Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. It is the only advanced persistent threat protection solution that provides both host and network based protection. AhnLab MDS applies malware detection and remediation with real-time blocking of malicious network traffic and dynamic disruption of active security breaches. This advanced security system protects endpoints, servers, networks, and cloud resources.

Automated Threat Response Process

AhnLab MDS utilizes an automated threat response process that includes

- Collection and analysis of data for all major internet protocols

- Two-way monitoring of traffic inflows and outflows on the network

- Monitoring and blocking harmful site access and Command & Control (C&C) communication

- Treating (remediating) hosts that are suspected of being infected (not just detecting and identifying them)

- Extracting suspicious files in the host


One platform makes it easy to deploy and manage

- Enterprise-grade web and email monitoring within a single appliance

- Complete analysis across malware signatures, malware behavior and content-based threats (data leakage)

- Support for copper and fiber network topologies – up to 10 Gbps of bandwidth over 10 ports within a single device

- File processing 16 times faster than other technology

- Detection rates 1.6 times higher than other technology