Web Application Firewall: WAPPLES

The unique intelligent security engine of WAPPLES can block even unknown attacks, and provides accurate detection without mistakes. With all of its security features, it provides the best performance. With easy security settings and operational convenience, WAPPLES leads the popularization of WAF with a broad range of customers.

The WAPPLES product family includes the appliance-type [WAPPLES], [WAPPLES MS], which is an integrated management server that can integrate and manage WAPPLES, and [WAPPLES V-Series], which is the WAF for cloud service. In addition, WAPPLES Management Portal (WMP) can monitor the management target WAPPLES in real time, allowing management of the environment in a simple and efficient way.

Expected Effects

WAPPLES, as a WAF, copes against key web attacks, including SQL Injection, to maintain the security of the environment.

As an information leakage protection solution, it can satisfy compliance issues, including the privacy protection act.

As an illegal login prevention solution, it can prevent an unauthorized person’s illegal login through access control, ensuring security of network and data.

As a website forgery and manipulation prevention solution, it can cope with forgery and manipulation attacks to websites and DBs, ensuring the security of websites and DBs.