SOLIDserverâ„¢ suite of appliances is designed to deliver highly scalable, secure and robust virtual and hardware appliances for critical IPAM-DNS-DHCP-NTP-TFTP services. EfficientIP's appliance delivers truly best in class reliability, security and management automation of the network infrastructure. SOLIDserverâ„¢ is the cornerstone of DNS-DHCP-IPAM projects for Datacenter, Internet DNS, LAN infrastructures, cloud computing and for any IT organization dealing with the challenges of a dynamic infrastructure: IPv6, BYOD, DNS security (DNSSEC), virtualization, etc.

DDI Architecture Security, High Availability, and Management

EfficientIP offers a unique appliance based technology to intelligently simplify and automate design, deployment and management of critical DDI infrastructure.

Secure and reliable DNS, DHCP, IP address and VLAN plan designs

Intelligent policy-driven deployment automation for best practices enforcement

Comprehensive unified management for end-to-end control

SOLIDserver™ IPAM solution integrates seamlessly with heterogeneous DNS and DHCP infrastructure (SOLIDserver™, Microsoft®, Open Source-Bind DNS and DHCP ISC services) providing a centralized management of IPAM (IPv4-IPv6) with network services for global visibility, comprehensive control and cost-effective management.

SOLIDserver™'s embedded SmartArchitecture™ innovation provides the next generation management capability of multi-vendor DNS & DHCP services to dramatically simplify the deployment of state-of-the-art resilient, robust and secure DNS-DHCP architectures.

SOLIDserver™ hardened operating system is reliable, scalable and secure. Advanced built-in security mechanisms protect against attacks and ensure data integrity. It includes all required features to quickly deploy and centrally manage appliance system and network configurations. SOLIDserver™ is installed quickly and includes "one-click" upgrade technology, enabling smooth or global patching for top-level security of your network services and lower administration cost.