Database Encryption: D'Amo

A DB should be encrypted to protect critical data of a company from attempts of threatening information leakage through various attack techniques. In addition, to encrypt the DB, DB encryption solutions are required according to the operation environment of each company. D'Amo classifies the IT system into each layer to apply the optimized DB encryption solution according to the operation environment and finds the best solution to guarantee both performance and security without compromise. In addition, it provides the best solution for secured encryption key management, which is considered as a key element for security today. For companies that consider deploying a DB encryption solution, D'Amo is the right choice to select a DB encryption solution appropriate for their operation environment.

Since the 1990s, as leading various encryption technology concepts including API, PLUG-IN, and Hybrid emerged, D’Amo has refused to use a specific encryption technology, but applies an optimized encryption technology for each customer's environment. Penta Security owns and offers various product families to apply optimized performance and security according to the customer's system architecture.


D’Amo offers four product families based on the data processing type by IT system layer structure:
D’Amo Application Level Encryption products
D’Amo System Level Encryption products
D’Amo Network Level Encryption products
D’Amo Key Management products


Expected Effects

Meets technical requirements of security for data protection.
Solves compliance issues, including the privacy protection act.
Prevents economical loss and image degradation of a company caused by advance data leakage.