Database Firewall: MONITORAPP

DB INSIGHT SG is first Positive Security Model-based Database firewall product in Korea to generate the policies automatically through SQL Query Self Learning. It is integrated hardware DB security product which can be configured without changing the existing network.

Main Features

- Automated DB security policy generation and application (Adaptive Profiling) 
- Powerful access control, authority control and session control function 
- Provides various configuration mode which are optimized for the costumer’s network environment

  • In-Line
  • Reverse Proxy
  • Mirroring
  • Multi-segment
  • Port-Trunk(Tagged VLAN)


Main Functions

- Powerful access control and authority control

  • Access control by IP, DB user and access time
  • Authority control by DB Object and SQL query
  • Adaptive Profiling (DML/Form)
  • Session monitoring and control function
  • Data Masking
  • Correlation analysis of web and database log(Intelligent User Tracking)
  • Audit logging

- Supports convenient management function

  • Provides intuitive WEB based user interface
  • Provides various log searching and management functions
  • Provides statistics and reporting functions



- DISG Policy

  • Access control of column which contains the personal information
  • Data leakage protection of the personal information(masking)