DLP: Absolute

A data breach is a defining moment for an organization. For businesses that are not prepared, it can change the landscape forever with irreversible damage to reputation, significant financial penalties, and in some instances the failure of the business. But organizations that are properly prepared will never have to deal with these consequences. Instead, they benefit from a pre-emptive approach where they remotely monitor and manage sensitive data, user behavior, and the status of each endpoint using content aware data loss prevention (DLP) technology. Absolute DLP allows you to track and prevent the movement of sensitive and confidential records from leaving your enterprise network including data in use, in motion or at rest. It provides you with the ability to analyze data moving across the network, in real-time, and across all network protocols including: email, social media, web traffic, and file transfers.

How It Works

Absolute DLP optimizes performance through a unique three-layered filtering approach:

• Protocol filtering to block the use of unwanted applications and protocols

• Web filtering to block harmful websites

• Content analysis to screen confidential data

Confidential information is protected by either logging it when it leaves the network, blocking it outright, quarantining it for subsequent examination, or automatically routing the data through encryption. All of this activity occurs without disruption to normal business processes.

The Absolute DLP appliance resides between the corporate firewall and the internet to monitor all traffic on the network. And an Absolute DLP agent is installed on each component to analyze and identify the data that may reside on user workstations, servers, and network-attached storage devices.

Most importantly, authorized IT administrators can be alerted when suspicious or non-compliant activity occurs, allowing them to investigate and respond quickly to avoid a security incident.

Absolute DLP provides the following capabilities:

Data Monitoring

Use customized dashboards to monitor activity and trends. With Absolute DLP you can:

• Analyze content on hundreds of file types and identify sensitive data leaving the network

• Block or allow specific protocols and applications

• Filter web access to block, log, or allow connections to millions of websites

• Discover files that contain private information on network servers and workstations

Policy Templates

Ready to use templates have been designed for:

• Data types that are typically at risk such as social security numbers and credit card numbers

• Content that is bound by regulatory considerations such as Patient Health Information (PHI) for

• HIPAA regulations and Personal Financial Information (PFI) for GLBA regulations, and others

• Customized templates are easily created for data that is unique to your business


• Track content analysis violations

• Perform ad hoc reporting across all available data

• Leverage existing report templates including Top Ten, Detailed, Historical, and Trend reporting

Case Management

Absolute DLP provides guidance and best practices to manage and remediate DLP violations when they occur.

Additional capabilities include social media controls, malware monitoring, traffic statistics including the identification of anomalies that may contain data leaks, and SMTP social analysis to identify the senders and recipients of emails with DLP violations.