Secure Web Gateway: MONITORAPP

WEB INSIGHT SWG (Secure Web Gateway) is powerful security web gateway to provide the flexibility to business requirement, and appliance based security web gateway equipment to protect internal web users of the corporate and assure secure web usage environment of your corporate users from the threat of various and evolving web attacks such as APT attacks, phishing and pharming.

Main Features

- Security function for Malicious URL and security related URL blocking
- Automatic extraction of Exploit URL and attack code through multi-level Exploit test
- Web content control and blocking various harmful sites
- Provides various configuration mode which are optimized for the costumer’s network environment

  • In-Line
  • One-Armed
  • Forward Proxy

Main Functions

- Blocks APT and Malicious URL

  • Supports URL Filtering Categories
  • Supports control function of encrypted(SSL) web traffic
  • Updates real-time Malicious Code spreader and route
  • Blocks attack source of Command-and Control Center due to Zombies
  • Function to add user-defined block URL pattern
  • Web contents control and blocking harmful sites
  • Setting of block page by category
  • Policy scheduling function

- Supports convenient management function

  • Provides intuitive WEB based user interface
  • Provides various log searching and management functions
  • Real-time network traffic and system status monitoring
  • Provides statistics and reporting functions



- Financial Supervisory Service Regulations
- Ministry of Security and Public Administration Regulations
- Regulation on Supervision of Electronic Financial activities
- Korea Communications Commission Regulations